There are five functional sections under the administration of UTS. That are Account section, Store (Main store and Ag store), Library, Examination section and Placement & counselling unit. 

The main adminstration section performs following tasks
 It performs day-to-day administrative  tasks.
 It supervises and manages the personnel of UTS. 
 It performs property management and other managerial tasks.

The Account section performs following tasks
It keeps financial records of UTS
It makes billing and payment of any payable acts.

The Account section performs following tasks

 It conducts mainly entrance tests, final tests and practical tests.
 It provides certificates to the successful candidates.
 It facilitates the students to fill the exam, registration etc forms.

 It maintains the test item data banks and keeps complete records of individuals who have received training and certificates from UTS.

The Library section performs following tasks
 It maintains the journals, books,news paper and any other written documentry of UTS in organised way. 
 It issues the readables books to the student and teachers for certain time.

The Store section performs following tasks
 It keeps the record of physical assests of UTS. Does sale auction if any. 
 It repairs and maintains damaged physical assests.
 It purchases teaching materials.

The PCU section performs following tasks
 It does counseling in study and helps in job placement to the students. 
 It maintains graduats' records.