training for TSLC graduates since 1992 in livestock called JT program. In addition, UTS is also providing community service and short course training in the field of agriculture and livestock.
UTS have already trained 1924 students in JTA and JT programs. Among them 1444students are from TSLC program out of which 598are female and 480 students are from JT program out of which 46 are female.
At present UTS is providing scholarship of Rs. 350.00 per month to 10% Dalits and 10% female students from its catchments areas. The total employment percentage, TSLC graduates employment percentage, and TC graduates employment percentages are 62.32 %, 96.25 % respectively.
The technical and administrative staffs are being trained in TITI to upgrade their knowledge and skills for better training delivery and managerial performance.

Uttarpani Technical School will be an excellent agricultural training center for Production of Lower and Middle Level manpower in Nepal.


Uttarpani Technical School will produce basic and middle level workforce through quality & demand driven training to school dropouts and SLC/TSLC graduates.


  • Ensure quality training.
  • Promote entrepreneurship and self-employment opportunities.
  • Maintain qualified staff.
  • Ensure maximum participation of target population
  • Increase income generating activities for sustainability.
  • Ensure the involvement of line agencies in technical education.
  • Maintain school premises.